Wyoming Deer & Pronghorn Antelope Hunting

Mule Deer in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming

Deer Hunting

If you're after the most stimulating and energizing backwoods experience, our outdoor Hunting Trips and Deer Hunting Trips are exactly what you need.

Thomson Outfitters provides years of experience in planning hunting trips and talented guides who know our Wyoming hunting areas like the back of their hand. Deer hunting is an especially popular activity for our visitors, and we offer packing trips and hunting trips that highlight the best of outdoor hunting and backpacking.

Deer hunting trips with Thomson Outfitters are available as a 5 day excursion, in which you have the opportunity to tour our expansive area of the Bridger-Teton National Forest. In addition to hosting some of the most beautiful vistas and mountain areas in Wyoming, our region of the National Forest features the largest mule deer migration in western Wyoming. The opportunities for deer hunting and game hunting success are vast.

Deer hunting trips can be arranged for both rifle hunting and archery hunting, and take place during September and October. All of our hunting trips include meals, lodging, guides, horses or vehicle, and packing and caring for game.

Please be sure to ask about additional deer hunting opportunities, including private land mule deer hunting. At Thomson Outfitters, we are committed to providing the safest and most inclusive hunting trips and our staff is ready to supply their talents so that your Wyoming vacation is a success.

Hunter with Shiras Moose in Wind River Mountains of Wyoming

Pronghorn Antelope Hunting

Head out on an unparalleled Antelope Hunting adventure with Thomson Outfitters, where the vast Wyoming landscape unfolds to reveal an abundance of these remarkable creatures. Picture the winter spectacle of a couple of thousand antelope grazing!

When the season arrives, anticipate awe-inspiring daily sightings of 300 to 500 antelope, with an impressive concentration of bucks exceeding 15 inches in horn length. Our hunting grounds boast one of the highest buck to doe ratios in Wyoming, promising a truly remarkable experience for avid hunters seeking an abundance of trophy-worthy opportunities.

For those seeking an extra layer of exclusivity, inquire about our private land antelope hunts, providing a unique and personalized hunting experience. The Antelope hunting season runs from September 10th through October 31st.

Antelope hunts are based out of a comfortable motel in Pinedale, hunters are responsible to motel costs. This strategic setup allows hunters to rest and recharge between excursions.

Join Thomson Outfitters for an Antelope Hunting experience that transcends the ordinary, promising a bounty of remarkable sightings, unmatched landscapes, and the thrill of the chase in the heart of Wyoming's breathtaking wilderness.

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Premier Guide Service

Experience a premier guided service with experienced guides, gentle mountain horses, home cooked meals and wall tent lodging. All hunts include meals, lodging, guides, horses or vehicle, packing & caring for game.

Why Mule Deer Hunt with Thomson Outfitters?

Hunt the largest mule deer migration in western Wyoming. We see a lot of trophy mule deer over 25 inches and some going over the 30 inch mark. Ask about our private land mule deer hunting. The season runs from October 1st through October 31st

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What To Bring

Please bring your personal belongings, warm clothes & footwear (a must for fall in Wyoming), hat, gloves, sleeping bags, rifle, and hunting knife.